BREAKING NEWS: Philadelphia slightly less terrible than first thought

Kobe Bryant! Byron Scott! Metta World Peace! Magic Johnson! Former California State Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger! Dr. Dre! Betty White! Every vest-bound douchebag rollerblading on Venice Beach because they’re living their life like a pathetically budget-version of the OC!

Your boys took one hell of a beating!

OK, so they may have .053 win percentage. They may be on course for five wins this season. And they may still own the joint worst start in NBA history.

But following a 103-91 win against the Lakers, as of this morning, Philadelphia (1-18) are on a win streak of one. And that, at the very least is something to celebrate.

So order yourself a cheesesteak* (it’s a Philadelphia thing, don’t even worry about it), and settle in to watch the highlights of the first win in ‘The City of Brotherly Love’ since March 25th.

*If no cheesesteak available in your area, feel free to substitute for a Rustler’s microwavable sandwich and/or sausage roll.


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